INFO 3401

Information Exploration

INFO 3401 “Information Exploration” is a semester-length, lecture-based undergraduate course. The volume, velocity, variety, and variability of data challenges our ability to collect, analyze, interpret, and act. This course will develop students’ skills and sensibilities for conducting exploratory data analysis across seven kinds of data. Students will learn to collect, analyze, visualize, evaluate, and communicate data to motivate new questions, make predictions, and work towards solutions. This course will call upon the quantitative and computational skills students have developed in previous courses and will increase their confidence and autonomy as data analysts and scientists who can deliver insights from diverse kinds of data.

Learning objectives

  • Improve students’ confidence analyzing diverse kinds of data
  • Develop students’ ability to match questions to data to solutions
  • Understand professional data science tools and methods
  • Think critically about the opportunities and limitations of data

Course outline

Module Week Type Skills
  1   Introductions
Tabular 2 Fundamentals Single tables, pandas
  3 Applications Population data
Relational 4 Fundamentals Multiple tables, sqlite
  5 Applications Sports data
Temporal 6 Fundamentals Time series, prophet
  7 Applications Economic data
Spatial 8 Fundamentals Mapping, geopandas
  9 Applications Political data
Dyadic 10 Fundamentals Networks, networkx
  11 Applications social network data
Structured 12 Fundamentals JSON \& XML, beautifulsoup
  13 Applications API data
  14   Fall Break
Unstructured 15 Fundamentals Text, nltk
  16 Applications Text data